Constructability Lead

at American Electric Power
Location Muncie, Indiana
Date Posted 2022-09-21
Category Construction


Job Description:

Demonstrate the capacity to relate and communicate expert construction-related knowledge to others by creating, reviewing, and vetting project Constructability Scoping Reports in a highly collaborative fashion. Advance Transmission's goal to integrate construction methodology and planning into scoping activities from project inception to reduce costs and construct Transmission facilities safer and more efficiently. Maintain highly effective relationships and communications with various project stakeholders.

  1. Exhibit an advanced level of knowledge, proficiency, communications, and innovation in managing construction projects from a conceptual stage to completion.
  2. Create Constructability Scoping Reports for projects within assigned region and present to execution team before detailed scoping begins.
  3. Engage with all project stakeholders during scoping phase. This includes planners, engineering, project management, Field Services, Distribution, Outage Planning, TDC, and external customers if needed.
  4. Ensure that a consistent direction for Constructability Scoping Reports is maintained throughout AEP Transmission to improve the quality of logistics, processes, procedures, format, documentation and timeliness into a standardized or best-practice format, which includes:
    1. Continuous process improvement initiatives in collaboration with all Constructability Leads.
    2. Stakeholder collaboration management and feedback from Project Management, Transmission & Distribution Operations, Construction Management, Transmission Field Services, Executive Transmission Leadership and the RTO's (PJM, MISO, ERCOT, and SPP).
  5. Ensure that ALL Constructability Scoping Reports are created with safety, efficiency and economics in mind.
  6. Communicate with Transmission Leadership regarding regional construction method improvements, updates, and initiatives. Provide monthly reports on overall constructability development to CM leadership.
  7. Develop and maintain an improved relationship and communications with strategic contractor partners. This includes attending some of our contractor training events and meeting with local contractor leadership to understand what they experience in the field and identify ways to improve efficiency and performance.
  8. Conduct lessons learned meetings on completed projects evaluating how well the constructability plan worked and improvements to be made going forward.
  9. Stay up to date on current industry construction practices for Station and T-Line as well as the construction industry as a whole including methodologies and technological advancements AEP Transmission can implement. Lead presentations and discussions in Semi-annual TCR conferences for your regions.
  10. Review Capital Project P6 schedules to ensure Constructability Scoping Reports are developed in a timely manner to support regional scoping goals.
  11. Conduct site visits as needed with scoping teams or on your own. Utilize Spin 360 and other GIS technologies to help plan and evaluate a construction sequence.
  12. Work closely with outage planners to identify potential hazards and bottlenecks and create plan to remove them or add to risk register for project.
  13. Mentor and continuously educate Execution Project Managers on the overall construction planning process as well as TCR's.
  14. Taking on special leadership responsibilities and assignments such as process improvements, Kaizen events, TGIS, OutaGIS, Stakeholder Mapping, Lean Initiatives, etc.
  15. Attend/call in to the monthly construction superintendents meeting to coordinate best practices and keep in touch with what is happening in the field and identify any issues that could be avoided by adding to constructability plan.
  16. Work with regional material management leaders to identify potential constraints in material flows to a particular project and include in Constructability Scoping Reports.

  • Bachelors degree in Engineering, Construction Management, Safety or related field and 8 years experience of overseeing/directing transmission and distribution station construction and/or transmission line construction work;
- or
  • ABET accredited Associate degree in electrical, construction management, safety, civil engineering technology or related field of study and 10 years experience in overseeing/directing transmission and distribution station construction and/or transmission line construction work;
- or
  • high school graduate or equivalent with 12 years of direct experience as an AEP/contractor line or station field employee or Construction Rep.
  • Related experience is defined as involvement with transmission overseeing/directing transmission and distribution station construction and/or transmission line construction work.
  • A thorough knowledge of the transmission system, from a design and operation perspective.
  • AND experience within transmission engineering, and/or construction management is desired to fulfill responsibilities of this job.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead, coach, mentor, and train junior personnel.
  • Must be a team player, inquisitive, analytical, and be able to interact with and maintain working relationships with diverse teams.
  • Ability to read and interpret one-line station diagrams and transmission line switching diagrams, and anticipate proper clearance points and zones of protection.
  • Aptitude to understand and interpret conceptual scopes of work and visualize the safest and most effective method of construction and identify potential risks and hazards to be removed.
  • Capacity to lead in understanding, developing, and clearly presenting complicated construction sequencing to the project team.
  • Must have strong computer skills and able to grasp and use new technologies as they become available. Strong analytical skills needed to visualize a conceptual project and how it will be built, able to visualize and plan for potential risks associated with the construction or proposed facilities.
    1. Being able to conduct substation and transmission line site visits.
    2. Driving a vehicle long distances to conduct site visits.
    3. Avid concentration levels.
    4. Decision making and collaborative skills in stressful situations.
Physical demand is Light