Fri, 15 December, 2017
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Are you confused and frustrated where to post your jobs?

There is so much talk about twitter, facebook, myspace, niche sites and the big job boards. It is enough to make your head spin and confuse the heck out of you.

Don't be frustrated or think you are not on top of everything. There is nobody out there that has a crystal ball to figure all of this out. That is why Energy Job Sites decided to include your jobs in every single resource available to the recruiter. Energy Job Sites doesn't even bother to try to figure out what site is doing better anymore. It is a hit an miss with 1000's of sites competing for a slice of the pie. If a new site pops up which is the flavor of the month. Don't worry we will set up a feed and send your ads to it. Your ads will appear in the best resources possible because our automated system adds your jobs to every site possible with the click of a button.

Instead of guessing whether to post in a social networking site, niches site or the big job boards. Why not just post in Energy Job Sites automated system. It will take care of getting your ads placed in the right sites.

Our competitors aren't happy to hear that we are so far ahead of the curve. It is the Energy Job Sites culture that keeps us strong. We don't waste time with endless meetings and deciding on budgets or approvals. Thinking outside the box puts us ahead of our competitors.

Technology is moving at lightning speed as time goes on. This is why we don't waste time in being a step ahead of our competitors and keeping our customers with a smile. We aim to understand the needs of our clients from the moment they first get in touch by matching their vacancies against job searches undertaken on our site, the skills in our CV database, and the filters created by our email job alert recipients.

Our SEO, or search engine optomisation is second to none in the industry. Every single ad you place is optomised to the maximum by the title and location. The search engine spiders like Google crawl through our site every 0 to 7 days. No site has control of this procedure, but when they find your ad, the search engines will place your ads depending of the title and location.

We have a clear escalation process in place right up to the Managing Director for any issues. Our philosophy is to ensure we satisfy every one of our customers.

This approach has helped us attract recruitment agencies, ad agencies and direct employers of all sizes from across the USA and Canada, including AREVA, Bonnieville Power, AltaLink, American Water, AEP, Nexen and STP Nuclear.

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